TAKE ACTION! Contact These Los Angeles City Officials & Departments:

We ask Mayor Eric Garcetti, Councilman Mike Bonin, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation and the Mar Vista Community Council to consider the many alternatives that would improve cycling safety and walkability while restoring the lanes on Venice Blvd., because this issue dramatically impacts our families, our jobs, and quality of life.

1) Click here to: Tell Councilman Mike Bonin What You Think


He says this is a "community-driven project." If you use Venice Blvd., you are part of the community.

You can also click to send an email to:

Councilman Mike Bonin
Councilman Bonin's Mobility Deputy Jessie Holzer

2) Click here to take the: Mar Vista's Main Street Survey - Initial Feedback


This survey was buried at the bottom of a page on Councilman Bonin's website.  We've probably let more people know about this than the Councilman's office!

3) Click here to: Tell the Great Streets Initiative What You Think


The Great Streets Initiative is Mayor Eric Garcetti's transportation vision for Los Angeles. Tell them what you think about the changes on Venice Blvd., the good, the bad and the ugly! 

You can also click here to email:

Mayor Eric Garcetti 

4) Click here to: Tell LADOT what you think about Great Streets - Venice Blvd.


The Los Angeles Department of Transportation is currently managing the Great Streets - Venice Blvd "pilot" project. They need to hear from you! Tell them what you think about the gridlock and cut through traffic created by the road diet they installed on Venice Blvd.

You can also click here to email:

LADOT - Venice Blvd Mar Vista