WELCOME to Restore Venice Blvd.

By now you’ve experienced the negative impacts of Mayor Garcetti’s L.A. Great Streets Initiative on Venice Blvd.
  • Councilman Mike Bonin TOOK AWAY A TRAFFIC LANE ON EACH SIDE OF VENICE BLVD. as part of this Great Streets - Venice Blvd. “pilot" project.
  • The lane reductions and road diet create GRIDLOCK every day. 
  • Gridlock causes more car accidents because vehicles on Venice Blvd. are moving too slowly.
  • Police and fire response times have increased due to gridlock.
  • Drivers are cutting through residential streets to avoid the gridlock on Venice Blvd., creating new hazards in our neighborhoods.
  • Car vs. bike accidents are on the increase due to decreased visibility.
  • Small business owners are reporting up to a 25% decrease in business since the street changes.

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