LADOT Venice Blvd Open House - July 22, 1 to 3 PM


This is the first LADOT open house on the Great Streets Venice Blvd. "pilot" project. LADOT says they will be presenting a one-month evaluation on July 22 from 1 to 3 the Windward School Gymnasium 11350 Palms Blvd, Mar Vista, 90066. Parking will be available onsite in the parking lot off Sawtelle Blvd.

It's time to ask them for the DATA about the "pilot" project's impacts, including traffic flow, emergency response times, walking and bicycling activity, cut-through traffic, and safety statistics. 


We Should Follow the Money

Posted by S.S. from Mar Vista Hill 13 July 2017

 I say we should follow the money and influence peddling that may be involved.

This is bigger than bike vs. car, people.

They want us focused on that myopic part of the larger issue and not on the big picture.

Consider this...and yes, this indeed has the potential to be a "Game Changer."

It has been suggested that Garcetti and Bonin's plan is to slow down merchants' business enough so that they fold. 82% of the affected businesses surveyed are against what has been forced upon Venice Blvd. and all of us.  Some store owners at the July 11th Mar Vista Community Council meeting said they are struggling. One store has already closed: the ice cream store next door to the Venice Grind.

With storefronts empty, they can work with the developers who want to swoop-in to the Westside and build their new high-rises.

It is not a stretch to those who suspect they may be on to something -- that Garcetti and Bonin envision building a series of mini-Manhattans, like Playa Vista, where you live, work, play in one place and primarly use public transportation and /or a bike and only  RARELY use your car to go anywhere. A series of Playa Vista's, Century City's, Warner Center's, and Irvine's all linked with more light rail and buses paid for by those of us who simply want to be left alone.

It becomes easy to suppose these two guys might be in bed with the developers.

I said "might".

Add to that that Garcetti may want to take Jerry Brown's job one day. If  "coat tails" matter, we could see a Bonin run for Mayor.

I know some people may think I am going all conspiracy theory here but this does raise serious concerns and poses valid questions, does it not?

I think Bonin's and Garcetti's silence is saying something to a great many people.  Follow the money and influence!

Action Alert: 7/11 - Mar Vista Park - Arrive by 6 PM

10 July 17

Councilman Mike Bonin will be attending the
Mar Vista Community Council Board of Directors meeting

You MUST arrive by 6 PM to ensure seating in the small gymnasium or you might be denied entrance.

Mar Vista Recreation Center
11430 Woodbine St
Los Angeles, CA 90066
small gymnasium
Background:  If you’ve driven, biked or walked along Venice Blvd. in the last 45 days, then you’ve experienced the impacts of Mayor Garcetti’s L.A. Great Street InitiativeCouncilman Mike Bonin was responsible for implementing this initiative in his council district.

  1. Councilman Bonin took away a traffic lane on each side on Venice Blvd. as part of this Great Streets - Venice Blvd. "pilot project."
  2. The community was not informed that lane reductions were going to be a part of this "pilot project." 
  3. Now Councilman Bonin, the Mar Vista Community Council (MVCC) and cycling activists are trying to pit drivers against bicyclists, saying that the lane removal was necessary to create a protected bike lane. We don't believe that. Look at Culver Blvd. in Culver City: they re-purposed the center median there into a protected bike path.

The community thought that this "pilot project" was meant to create a safer street, promote alternative forms of transportation, and increase customers for local businesses. The community sees that this HAS NOT HAPPENED.

What HAS happened:
    • The Great Street is causing gridlock every day.
    • Rush hour traffic congestion has grown exponentially. 
    • Police and fire response times have increased.
    • Drivers are cutting through residential side streets to avoid congestion. 
    • Car vs bike accidents are on the increase because drivers can't see them.
    • Merchants are reporting up to a 25% decrease in business along Venice Blvd. since the installation of the Great Street changes.

We, the stakeholders of Venice Blvd., are asking Councilman Mike Bonin and the Mar Vista Community Council to step back and consider the many alternatives that would improve cycling safety and walkability while preserving the ability of motorists to get to where they need to go on Venice Blvd.

This issue dramatically impacts our families, our jobs, and our quality of life. Please spread the word about the meeting. Post it on Nextdoor, Facebook and Twitter.  Share this article with your neighbors by email. 

Please attend the meeting and sign up to speak out during Public Comment. We will provide you with an orange sign to hold up during the meeting. 

If you get locked out, please stay and protest outside.

ACTION ALERT: Your Emails Needed ASAP

5 July 17

We need EVERYONE who wants the 3rd lanes for cars returned to Venice Blvd. to write an email to the Mar Vista Community Council today.

Go to Sample Email

Some of the MVCC Board members refuse to listen to the community and are purposely encouraging bicycle and pedestrian activist groups to send a flood of support letters the MVCC and the Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) in favor of the current configuration of the Great Streets - Venice Blvd. "pilot" project. 

These MVCC Board members and activist groups are encouraging people from all over the city to email the MVCC and VNC to silence our voices and speak in support of lane reductions.

We need YOU, the stakeholders who are living this traffic nightmare everyday to write an email and say "NO! I use Venice Blvd and I DO NOT WANT THIS!!!"

Please, let's not let a small and vocal group - who don't care how long it takes for you to get to work, the doctor or your kids baseball game - speak for us. Please, send an email and let you voice be heard! Send your email no later than 11:59 PM on July 10th.  

Then join us July 11th at the MVCC Board of Directors meeting to show them what community really looks like.


RE: Restore the 3rd lanes for cars on Venice Blvd NOW

Dear Board Members of the Mar Vista Community Council and the Venice Neighborhood Council:

As community representatives, you need to listen to the community of Venice Blvd. stakeholders and support any and all policy motions that immediately reverse the lane reductions and return Venice Blvd. to the long established six lane configuration.

I believe that Venice Blvd. must be improved with the safety of everyone - drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians - in mind.  I don't believe this Great Streets - Venice Blvd. "pilot" project is the solution, and thousands of Venice Blvd. stakeholders want this lane reduction reversed NOW.

As a [student, older adult, mom, cyclist, person with a disability, business owner, etc], I request the immediate return of the 3rd lanes for cars on Venice Blvd. NOW.


Please Email Your Comments to the Mar Vista Community Council NOW

Whether you are joining us at the July 11th MVCC Board of Directors meeting or not, we need you to send emails to the Mar Vista Community Council Board members letting them know you want the 3rd lanes for cars returned to Venice Blvd. NOW.

The Board is counting the number of responses they are getting.  So every email supporting #restoreVeniceBlvd counts.

Board of Directors

Sarah Auerswald, Chair

Rob Kadota, 1st Vice Chair
Melissa Stoller, Secretary

Holly Tilson, Treasurer

co-chairs of the Great Streets Ad Hoc Committee

Michelle Krupkin

Greg Castelnuovo-Tedesco