Tell the MVCC You Still Want The Lanes on Venice Blvd. Restored

11 Sept 17

We need EVERYONE to remind the Mar Vista Community Council (MVCC) and Councilman Bonin that you still support the return of the lanes on Venice Blvd. #restoreVeniceBlvd

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The majority of the MVCC Board still refuse to listen to the community and are once again purposely encouraging bicycle and pedestrian activist groups to send a flood of support letters the MVCC and Councilman Mike Bonin in favor of the current configuration of the Great Streets - Venice Blvd. "pilot" project. 

These MVCC Board members and activist groups are encouraging people from all over the city to email the MVCC and Councilman Bonin to silence our voices and speak in support of the lane reductions.

We need YOU, the stakeholders who are living this gridlock nightmare everyday to write an email and say "No! I use Venice Blvd and I STILL DO NOT WANT THIS!!!"

Please, let's not let a small and vocal group - who don't care how long it takes for you to get to work, the doctor or your kids baseball game - speak for us. Please, send an email and let you voice be heard! Send your email no later than 5:00 PM on September 12th.  

If you can, join us Tuesday, September 12, 7 PM  at the  MVCC Board of Directors meeting at Mar Vista Recreation Center, 11430 Woodbine St. in the small gymnasium to show them what community really looks like.




RE: Restore Venice Blvd NOW

Dear Board Members of the Mar Vista Community Council:

As community representatives, you need to listen to Mar Vista and Venice Blvd. stakeholders who continue to support any and all policy motions that immediately reverse the lane reductions, aka road diet, and return Venice Blvd. to the long established six lane configuration.

I still believe that Venice Blvd. must be improved with the safety of everyone - drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians - in mind.  I still don't believe this Great Streets - Venice Blvd. "pilot" project is the solution, and over 3,000 stakeholders have signed the petition on asking for these lane reduction to be reversed now. (

As someone who uses Venice Blvd. on a regular basis, I am once again requesting the immediate return of the 3rd lanes for vehicles on Venice Blvd. and a reconfiguration of the boulevard that works for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.


[insert you name here]
[insert your address or city here]

One Day Email Blitz

6 September 17

We need YOU to flood the MVCC Transportation and Infrastructure Committee with emails supporting two *new* motions on the agenda for the meeting today, Wednesday, September 6th.

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These motions call for:

7b. Potential Reversal of Lane Reductions on Venice Blvd.

POLICY MOTION: Restoration of 3 car - lanes in each direction on Venice Blvd.
The Mar Vista Community Council asks that Councilmember Mike Bonin immediately reverse the lane reductions on Venice Blvd. and implement other strategies to improve the safety, efficiency, and accessibility of our roads for pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles. As representatives of your constituents and your elected advisory body, we believe strongly that this is the only remedy that addresses the constant, voluminous, community outcry on this issue.

7d. Advocacy/Laws for Potential Safety Measures for Bicyclists and Pedestrians

1) POLICY MOTION:  Universal Helmet Laws and Night Lights for Bicyclists

2) POLICY MOTION: Distracted Pedestrians Crossing Streets and Highways

3) POLICY MOTION: Regional Safe Bike Routes Policy Motion

You can find the entire agenda for the meeting here:

If you would like to attend the meeting, it will be held at 7:30 PM at the Windward School Boardroom 1030, Building C (by baseball diamond), 11350 Palms Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90066.

Send your emails to: Ken Alpern ( and Michelle Krupkin ( and cc: the MVCC Board of Directors ( and Councilmember Mike Bonin (

We need as many emails sent as possible please, especially if you're not able to attend the meeting. Thank you!

Sample Email



Dear MVCC Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Co-Chairs Michelle Krupkin and Ken Alpern,

I am a Venice Blvd stakeholder and I continue to support to the return of the third lanes on Venice Blvd. I support any motion that asks Councilmember Mike Bonin to immediately reverse the lane reductions on Venice Blvd. and implement other strategies to improve the safety, efficiency, and accessibility of our roads for pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles.

I understand there are also motions on the Committee meeting agenda tonight that support:
  • creating Regional Safe Bike Routes
  • encouraging education on the issue of Distracted Pedestrians Crossing Streets and Highways 
  • urging the adoption of Universal Helmet Laws and Night Lights for Bicyclists. 
 I want you to know that I am in favor of these motions as well.


<insert your name here>
<insert where you live here>

cc: MVCC Board of Directors
     Councilman Mike Bonin