Reaction from Firefighters at LAFD Station 62

Photo credit: Image capture Google
Posted by G.S. from So Marvista-Venice · 25 May 17

I was just at Vons and ran into the firemen from #62. They are located on Venice & Inglewood. I asked them how they felt about the new lane configuration on Venice Blvd. They laughed and said they are not happy at all and are very concerned about being able to get through. One said, "You think the City would have let us know!" They are going to be emailing Mike Bonin with their concerns. They are taking the long way around to get to anyone in need.

I was told last night by Bonin's spokesperson (I don't know his name) that LAFD was all for this and were totally fine with it. Maybe LAFD downtown, but zero communication with the guys who are trying to help us in emergencies. Or maybe I was being lied to. Either way, I'm not surprised.

I was also told they (emergency vehicles) could just drive over the white posts if need be. I started thinking about that and am curious how they would do that if 2 lanes are filled with cars that are gridlocked and the next lane has parked vehicles in them? Where is the common sense when planning these things?

Was a traffic/safety survey done? I'd like to see it.

I get wanting to improve things, but you must look at all sides and that was clearly NOT done for this project.


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