Action Alert: 7/11 - Mar Vista Park - Arrive by 6 PM

10 July 17

Councilman Mike Bonin will be attending the
Mar Vista Community Council Board of Directors meeting

You MUST arrive by 6 PM to ensure seating in the small gymnasium or you might be denied entrance.

Mar Vista Recreation Center
11430 Woodbine St
Los Angeles, CA 90066
small gymnasium
Background:  If you’ve driven, biked or walked along Venice Blvd. in the last 45 days, then you’ve experienced the impacts of Mayor Garcetti’s L.A. Great Street InitiativeCouncilman Mike Bonin was responsible for implementing this initiative in his council district.

  1. Councilman Bonin took away a traffic lane on each side on Venice Blvd. as part of this Great Streets - Venice Blvd. "pilot project."
  2. The community was not informed that lane reductions were going to be a part of this "pilot project." 
  3. Now Councilman Bonin, the Mar Vista Community Council (MVCC) and cycling activists are trying to pit drivers against bicyclists, saying that the lane removal was necessary to create a protected bike lane. We don't believe that. Look at Culver Blvd. in Culver City: they re-purposed the center median there into a protected bike path.

The community thought that this "pilot project" was meant to create a safer street, promote alternative forms of transportation, and increase customers for local businesses. The community sees that this HAS NOT HAPPENED.

What HAS happened:
    • The Great Street is causing gridlock every day.
    • Rush hour traffic congestion has grown exponentially. 
    • Police and fire response times have increased.
    • Drivers are cutting through residential side streets to avoid congestion. 
    • Car vs bike accidents are on the increase because drivers can't see them.
    • Merchants are reporting up to a 25% decrease in business along Venice Blvd. since the installation of the Great Street changes.

We, the stakeholders of Venice Blvd., are asking Councilman Mike Bonin and the Mar Vista Community Council to step back and consider the many alternatives that would improve cycling safety and walkability while preserving the ability of motorists to get to where they need to go on Venice Blvd.

This issue dramatically impacts our families, our jobs, and our quality of life. Please spread the word about the meeting. Post it on Nextdoor, Facebook and Twitter.  Share this article with your neighbors by email. 

Please attend the meeting and sign up to speak out during Public Comment. We will provide you with an orange sign to hold up during the meeting. 

If you get locked out, please stay and protest outside.