We Should Follow the Money

Posted by S.S. from Mar Vista Hill 13 July 2017

 I say we should follow the money and influence peddling that may be involved.

This is bigger than bike vs. car, people.

They want us focused on that myopic part of the larger issue and not on the big picture.

Consider this...and yes, this indeed has the potential to be a "Game Changer."

It has been suggested that Garcetti and Bonin's plan is to slow down merchants' business enough so that they fold. 82% of the affected businesses surveyed are against what has been forced upon Venice Blvd. and all of us.  Some store owners at the July 11th Mar Vista Community Council meeting said they are struggling. One store has already closed: the ice cream store next door to the Venice Grind.

With storefronts empty, they can work with the developers who want to swoop-in to the Westside and build their new high-rises.

It is not a stretch to those who suspect they may be on to something -- that Garcetti and Bonin envision building a series of mini-Manhattans, like Playa Vista, where you live, work, play in one place and primarly use public transportation and /or a bike and only  RARELY use your car to go anywhere. A series of Playa Vista's, Century City's, Warner Center's, and Irvine's all linked with more light rail and buses paid for by those of us who simply want to be left alone.

It becomes easy to suppose these two guys might be in bed with the developers.

I said "might".

Add to that that Garcetti may want to take Jerry Brown's job one day. If  "coat tails" matter, we could see a Bonin run for Mayor.

I know some people may think I am going all conspiracy theory here but this does raise serious concerns and poses valid questions, does it not?

I think Bonin's and Garcetti's silence is saying something to a great many people.  Follow the money and influence!