A cyclist's view of Venice Blvd.

June 11, 2017 on Venice Blvd. - photo by M.K.
Posted by C.R from East Venice on 14 June 17

I have been an avid cyclist in LA for the past 15 years. You think I would be for the changes on Venice Boulevard, but I am not.

As a cyclist, I will tell you that it is FAR safer to be visible to moving cars by having the bike lane next to them than it is to have cyclists hidden behind a row of parked cars.

I have heard, but admittedly not verified, that there was already an accident where a motorist hit a cyclist as the motorist was making a LEGAL right turn from Venice to Beethoven because they could not see the cyclist.

I have had to make a right from the same corner several times since the new bike lanes were put in and it is an unbelievable hazard.

I would argue that it is the "privileged few" who are fortunate enough not to need a car or a viable public transportation option (of which I am an huge proponent) to get to and from work, pick up kids, and run errands.

Oh, and I hope none of us never need an emergency vehicle that has to try to get down Venice Boulevard because we are screwed.

A much more sensible option by far would be to put bike lanes down residential streets such as Victoria. Instead, we now have cars speeding down those streets to avoid traffic on Venice Boulevard, turning once quiet residential street into highways and becoming hazards to kids and pets.

Once again, I am stymied by Bonin and his supporters lack of judgment and inability to think of simple but far better options.


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