We need to demand public hearings

Posted by S. I. from So Marvista-Venice · 27 May 17

I thought that the City needed to do its due diligence and inform residents about major Public Works projects via mail.

Did the Great Streets project get around this by labeling this a "pilot project?"

We need to demand public hearings and a mailing to all residents about them before the changes on Venice Blvd. are made permanent.

I also think it was a mistake for the Mar Vista Community Council to stop delivering newsletters to all the residents in Mar Vista. I know they did it because of the cost, but I feel the net result is that Mar Vistans are now less informed.

Clearly not everyone has signed up for the MVCC emails, and even if they did (like me), it seems we missed the announcement that Venice Blvd. was going to be reduced from 3 to 2 lanes during a 1 year pilot project.

These changes affect everyone who uses Venice Blvd. to commute, visit businesses and local tourist attraction or travel from their homes to other destinations in the Westside. We need these stakeholders to stand with us.

I'd also like to encourage those of you who don't live in Mar Vista 90066 but travel on Venice Blvd. to join us: nearby neighborhoods like Venice, Marina del Rey, Del Rey, Palms, Culver City, etc. We need to get the entire Westside informed and involved.


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