Report from the Mar Vista Community Council Board of Directors meeting, June 13, 2017

MVCC Board of Directors Meeting, 13 June 17
Posted by S.C. from East Venice on 13 June 17

For those of you who weren't there, the meeting was a great first step in our campaign.

There were roughly 80 people present, almost all of whom were against the changes. 

The Mar Vista Community Council Board of Directors had a long agenda to go through, but ended up devoting most of the meeting to Great Streets - Venice Blvd. pilot project.

We heard a presentation from representatives from Councilman Mike Bonin's office, The L.A. Great Streets Initiative from Mayor Eric Garcetti's office and the LADOT, which were met with a lot of laughter and catcalling. 

The city has every intention of introducing lane reductions all over the town -- and they seem to have an almost magical belief that lane reductions will actually *increase* traffic flow. 

Then there was a long period devoted to public comments, which were almost 100% opposed to the project (dozens spoke against, only two spoke for). 

The MVCC Board of Directors and the city reps listened stern-faced, but didn't say much.

We learned that Morgan Pietz from Gerard Fox Law P.C. has created a PAC with the intention of recalling Coucilman Bonin. He can be contacted at

All in all, it was an exciting evening and a great start to our campaign after only a week or two of organizing. 

Thanks to everybody who was present! You made a huge difference. 

We have to continue to show the city that their outreach was inadequate and that a majority of residents oppose "road diets."


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