Difficult to see bike traffic

Photo credit: Streetsblog LA
Posted by R.S. from Mar Vista Flats · 31 May `17 

I am not opposed to the idea of a "Great Street" in terms of beautification, but several experiences since the changes have shown what a folly the new configuration is.

There have been now two incidents of turning cars injuring people during the daytime (at Wasatch and at Beethoven.. Also this week in daylight, turning right from westbound Venice into my street, I realized that to look for cyclists past the parking lane I had to turn my head so far to the right that I had to take my eyes off the road in front of me. Very, very dangerous!

Tonight I was a passenger with a friend driving westbound on Venice and between the reflectors on the bollards and the confusing parking lane and breaks in the parking lane for driveways, I had a heck of a time directing her when to turn north on the street I have lived on for 40 years!!

We are both cyclists and she too was horrified by how difficult it was to see possible bike traffic in the bike lane. Much more difficult than when the bike lane was next to the traffic and both drivers and cyclists could see each other!

Plus, with all the reflection, we could no longer see my street sign on the corner, so it's function as a marker for directions is now useless.

For those of you supporting this idea, try driving at night...it might change your perspective.


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