Report from the MVCC Great Streets Ad Hoc Committee Meeting - June 14, 2017

MVCC Great Streets Ad Hoc Committee meeting 14 June 17

Posted by S.C. from East Venice 14 June 17

Just came from the Great Streets committee meeting. There were about 80 people there -- standing room only. Big thanks to everybody who came out! 

We were able to get a motion passed recommending that the lanes be restored but keeping everything else. It passed 56 to 16. 

It'll next to go the MVCC Board of Directors meeting July 11, 2017, 7:00 PM at the Mar Vista Recreation Center -- SAVE THE DATE, we'll need to be there in force! 

And there will be another MVCC Great Street Ad Hoc Committee meeting July 12, 6:30 PM at the Mar Vista Branch Library. SAVE THE DATE - we'll need to be there, too.

We're making a lot of progress in a very short time. 

I want to point out that the people who spoke in favor of the project deserve our respect. I want safe bike lanes, better lighting, crosswalks, just like they do. I just want Venice to work as a street. 

One person pointed out that it's a tsunami evacuation route! An emergency doctor spoke quite eloquently about how much harder it is to get emergency vehicles through. 

All in all, it was a very good meeting with a lot of good people. 

This is the Policy Motion that was passed by the Great Streets Ad Hoc Committee, written by Stop the Unsafe Streets Project on Venice Blvd. supporter Ken Marek:

WHEREAS, the Venice Boulevard "Great Street" pilot project has recently been implemented, including several changes to the roadway between Beethoven Avenue and Inglewood Boulevard, and

WHEREAS, the changes include removing one traffic lane in each direction to accommodate a buffer zone for on-street passenger loading of parked vehicles (rather than from the sidewalk) and widening of the bicycle lane, and

WHEREAS, Council District 11 circulated surveys to a very small minority of community members (approximately 450 total surveys, many to students who don’t drive) and extrapolated “community-driven” support for many elements of the "Great Street", yet the surveys did not specifically ask the community about the lane reduction element of the program or obtain any feedback from the vast majority of those who use Venice Boulevard on a daily basis, and

WHEREAS, the lane reductions have caused significant daily traffic jams, increased cut-through traffic on surrounding residential streets, increased traffic jams on alternate streets throughout the greater Mar Vista area, and increased pollution from idling vehicles, and

WHEREAS, the increased traffic on Mar Vista roadways has had an adverse impact on emergency response times of Fire and Police Department, and

WHEREAS, the new on-street loading area does not provide convenient sidewalk access for disabled persons and has exposed the City to the risk of litigation based upon the American's With Disabilities (ADA) Act, and

WHEREAS, a grassroots movement of community members has emerged in recent weeks, and have obtained over 1450 electronic signatures asking for the return of the old three traffic lane in each direction configuration, and

WHEREAS, Council District 11 has communicated that the roadway changes consist of a pilot program, using inexpensive temporary materials, and that the City would keep what the community loves and remove what the community does not want,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that by the adoption of this Resolution, the Mar Vista Community Council hereby urges the City of Los Angeles to immediately reverse the lane reduction and return Venice Boulevard to the long established six lane configuration.

THEREFORE, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that by the adoption of this Resolution, the Mar Vista Community Council hereby requests that the City of Los Angeles posts all related survey results, traffic studies, and environmental impact reports online.


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