Project is a trade-off between interests of Mar Vista and the greater community

Posted by S.C. from East Venice · 31 May 17

The new businesses were there before the Great Streets project went in. They will thrive either way.

This project represents a trade-off between interests of Mar Vista and interests of the greater community -- the street is a resource that we all share. It is the main thoroughfare for Venice and is the best way to get out of the neighborhood.

There are plenty of ways to improve Mar Vista that do not create gridlock for the surrounding areas and I would be happy to support those things. But every time we reduce traffic lanes we create trouble for everybody in a wide radius.

Traffic gets worse on side streets as people try to get around the snarl-up. People start using Waze on your local streets, looking down at their phones as they speed through your neighborhood. And all the other thoroughfares get worse, too -- Washington, and Culver.

There is no free lunch. If you take away capacity, you take it away. It has to go somewhere.


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