It's become an overnight nightmare!

 Posted by L.Z. from Mar Vista Flats · 29 May 17

Though this may be a great idea for cyclists and pedestrians, let's face it... many, if not most of the locals need to drive to work, with Venice as their main thoroughfare. I doubt that the business of just the pedestrians and cyclists is enough to keep our local businesses alive. I am not boycotting neighborhood stores, but realistically, I won't be stopping or shopping at any of them when there's traffic. Many won't!

It takes me at least 10 minutes to cross Venice after work because of the traffic. I used to drive down Venice as a quicker route to neighboring cities, even the beach. I'd make my quick pitstops at the businesses along the way. Now I avoid it entirely.

I am a longtime resident, 27 years! It's my community too! I live and work in the community. It's become an overnight nightmare! I moved here because I loved the community feel of Mar Vista!

I do not want the overflow traffic rerouted down my street! Summer will be gridlock! It always is, and I already ride my bike to the beach because of it.


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