Democratic process hurt when elected officials aren't up front

Posted by E.N. from Mar Vista Flats · 1 June 17

I second that description of the survey:

(The) survey only asked if neighbors wanted the potential good elements and avoided mention of taking a lane or increasing traffic, so didn't honestly obtain "extensive" "community-driven" feedback.
When I took it, I recall it asked only about the good stuff and I endorsed nearly each one with enthusiasm. It's only in seeing an opaque graphic at the outreach/survey results meeting, Aug 2015, that it dawned on me that we'd be losing lanes of traffic.

I actually don't oppose the Great Streets objective of transitioning Angelenos from single-driver vehicle reliance to greener forms of transportation. But I don't want to sacrifice governmental transparency to achieve my desires.

We hurt our democratic process when our elected reps at any level of government aren't up front all along about the impact certain decisions will have. Furthermore, we hurt our democratic process when we ourselves fail to recognize when our elected reps aren't being forthright.


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