LAFD stuck in traffic on Venice Blvd.

Photo credit:  G.S, from So Marvista-Venice · 31 May 17

My daughter took this pic this evening. Sirens on and no way to get through. Hope it was a false alarm and I hope the City figures out this gridlocked mess before someone really gets hurt.
Posted by D.S. from So Marvista-Washington · 31 May 17

I witnessed this today. Almost made a video but thought it best to get moving to avoid the fire trucks. Because the cars are parked on the sides of the street there is no allowance for cars to pull over anywhere to let them get through. Also I've experienced not making it through a green light onto Venice blvd from Grand View because of cars waiting for the signal to change on Centinela and Venice. What a mess. Never experienced this before. Two lanes are not enough on this busy through fair. How long does this trial have to last. It needs to be reversed now. Terrible.


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